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NIIT Advantage

NIIT, Asia’s largest IT training provider, brings to you an exciting world of opportunities by equipping you with industry-relevant skills and shaping you into industry-ready professionals.

Unique Learning Methodology
In addition to the technology deployed, the NIIT curriculum is imparted in a unique way. The special features of NIIT training are:

• Technology Obsolescence Protection
• Synergy between Learning & Software Businesses
• Brick-and-Portal Blended Learning Methodology
• Model Centered Learning Architecture™ (MCLA)
• Computer Based Training
• 24*7 Online Learning Portal

Sharing the Learning & Software Experience: The Perfect Synergy
The NIIT curriculum and methodology not only incorporates valuable inputs from the NIIT Research and Design teams but also draws on the company’s rich experience in creating IT solutions.

Brick-and-Portal Blended Learning Methodology
NIIT’s Instructional Research & Development Team has always strived to make the learning process both more effective, as well as more efficient for students.

Today, NIIT is at the forefront of IT training largely due to its blended learning methodology. This pioneering initiative combines the proven capability of instructor-led, classroom-based learning with the power, convenience and flexibility of e-learning through its award-winning e-learning portal, www.NetVarsity.com and exclusive student web services portal, www.Niitstudent.com.

At NIIT, 'how' one learns is as important as 'what' one learns, because this has an impact on learning and retention in the long run. The Brick-and-Portal™ Blended Learning Methodology facilitates the move from instructor driven learning to self-paced learning, thereby enabling students to pursue lifelong learning.

Technology Obsolescence Protection
In the rapidly growing IT industry, new hardware and technologies are developed within a short span of time. NIIT has incorporated a special feature into its curricula to ensure that NIIT students stay ahead of the obsolescence curve.

As an NIIT student, you have access to a unique Technology Obsolescence Protection Program and associated skills development services, even after you complete your course at NIIT.

Some of the key features of this program include:

• Updates on the latest software platforms spanning Operating Systems
• Databases
• Applications and Development Tools.

Model Centered Learning Architecture (MCLA)
This is a revolutionary approach to instructor-led classroom learning evolved by NIIT’s Research & Development team. Over the years research has shown that students learn best from an expert who serves as a role model, especially when the learning objectives are clearly defined in the context of real-life scenarios.

MCLA™ exposes the student to case studies and specific problem settings drawn from the industry. These scenarios serve as the backdrop for discussions and collaborative problem solving. Students first get an opportunity to observe their instructor solve the problem, then solve the problem on their own under his guidance, and finally do unguided practice until they master the required skills.

Industry Orientation Kit
As part of special career development services to GNIIT Students, the first three semesters of the GNIIT Program include Industry Orientation sessions, assignments and a study-kit. This makes the student become more industry oriented, as he/she moves through different semesters before reaching Professional Practice. The salient features of this module include –

• Personality Development
• Aptitude Assessment & Improvement
• Preparation for Relevant & Cutting Edge Vendor Certifications
• Industry Orientation.

24*7 Online Learning Portal
This virtual learning environment helps implement the Blended Learning Methodology. Students will have access to a range of web services designed to help them achieve their learning goals. Some of the popular services are:
• Online Library: Anytime, Anywhere readily available references on a wide range of topics
• Experts Answer: Anytime, Anywhere subject matter experts to answer queries 24 hours, 7 days a week
• Practice Assignments: Assignments that are submitted online and evaluated by online experts.
• Online Testing: Mock Tests and Practice Tests to help you sail through your module exams at the Centre.
• Discussion Forums: Online platform for peer discussions.

Additional services such as My eCentre enable students to access their academic, financial and personal records at NIIT. A Placement & Professional Practice Zone opens up a window to career options in the IT industry, and helps students prepare for placement interviews.

Computer Based Training (CBT)
Computer based learning tutorials have been especially designed to add depth and range to the curriculum. Easy to use, navigate and understand, these CBTs are the best way for students to get started on the path of self-learning.

GNIIT- NIIT’s flagship offering
GNIIT, NIIT’s flagship career program, is the only IT curriculum that offers a one year industry training through Professional Practice (PP). The core of the GNIIT program remains state-of-the-art technical skills, strengthened with key concepts and IT fundamentals.

New Industry Endorsed Curriculum with Specialisation Tracks
The industry-Endorsed GNIIT Curriculum has been further strengthened by the direct and extensive involvement of leading IT & ITES Organisations in the curriculum design, thereby equipping students with industry relevant skills that are tailored to both specific company requirements and standard job profiles.

The industry-endorsed GNIIT curriculum has clear cut Exit Profiles that are mapped to current and emerging job trends at the end of one year, one and half years and two years of study respectively. The spectrum of industries and professions that GNIITians continue to enter indicates the need for diversified and specialized skills at the entry-level, and also throughout one’s career graph.

The Salient Features of the GNIIT Program are:

• Curriculum co-designed with Industry leaders
• Strong Industry Orientation
• Placement Partnerships

The industry-endorsed GNIIT program includes a special feature of trainee batches for specific IT and ITES Organisations. This is available at select centres for meritorious students as part of NIIT’s Placement Partnerships.

One-Year Professional Practice
The GNIIT Program with the unique Professional Practice (PP) feature was launched in 1992. The four semesters of rigorous study at NIIT is followed by a year of Professional Practice where the students are groomed on professional and personal attributes like their ability to adapt, planning ability, analytical ability, customer focus, learning ability, image and confidence, documentation skills, communication skills, initiative, and cooperation. This experience helps students to bridge the gap between the education-work divide.


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