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Gartner analysts predict $288 billion in online revenue by 2006, up from $72 billion in 2001. Already companies have started seeking security professionals much more aggressively. Even as the average IT job pay declined by nearly 6 percent in the past 12 months, IT security pay is up 23 percent from the first quarter of 2001.

According to statistics, demand for IT professionals in the following fields will double in the next seven years: Software Engineers, Computer Support Specialists, Network & Computer Systems Administrators, Database Administrators, Systems Analysts and Information Systems Managers.

Thus, as an IT professional, it is important for you to focus on skills that IT managers, today, seek.

Over the next few years, companies will continue to spend billions on e-business infrastructure and development as they continue to analyze and protect their customer data. As a result, there will be a significant emphasis on recruiting security professionals.

With Information Security a major issue for companies, opportunities exist for those with an experience in:

• Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
• Intrusion Detection
• Firewall Implementation
• WLAN Management.

Another growth area is Applications Development, driving demand for candidates with:
• Object-oriented language skills
• Knowledge of e-commerce applications, and
• Experience with Microsoft's .NET platform.

Next, Database Management continues to be a growth area, so IT departments are looking for:
• SQL Server and,
• Oracle Database Administrators.

There is a brisk demand for professionals who can develop and maintain systems using active server page (ASP), JavaScript and extensible markup language (XML). Intranet and Internet development are also hot areas.

Developing Non-Technical Skills will also help you in the long run. You will have an edge if you are an individual who possesses:
• Strong interpersonal skills
• Excellent written and verbal communication and,
• An ability to work under pressure.
Thus, as companies place greater emphasis on web services and increase their focus on return on investment, understanding what is effective will become more critical than ever before.


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