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NIIT, Asia’s largest IT training provider has been bringing people and computers together through a network of nearly 3500 education centres in 33 countries in Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle-East, Africa and Australia/Oceania. For over two decades now, NIIT has been engaged in breakthrough work in instructional design, development and delivery.

NIIT is the first and the only Asian Education and Training Organization to feature among the IDC Top 20 Global IT Training market leaders. NIIT also forms a part of the coveted ‘Superbrands’ listing from India created by the Superbrands Council. NIIT was listed in Business World Top 25 ‘Great Places to Work’ as part of its Great Places to Work survey 2003.

The NIIT Advantage

With its balanced mix of Instructor-led, Computer-based and Web-based training, NIIT is poised to enter hitherto unexplored markets where there is a demand for quality computer education. As a result, NIIT is constantly on the look out for companies that share its vision and goals in the field of IT education and can deliver NIIT’s promise of bringing people and computers together.

Benefits in Store

When you partner with NIIT for providing IT education solutions you gain access to:

• A leading IT Education brand name
• A global network of over 3500 centers
• Detailed Operations manuals and processes
• Center Management, Faculty and Sales training
• Latest and updated Curriculum
• Courseware and Promotional material
• Classroom training guides

Inter-Institutional Collaboration Benefits

Faculty Empowerment and Enrichment
Institutional collaboration offers a means by which an institution can motivate and invigorate its faculty. Peer interaction within specialized academic disciplines is enhanced by inter-institutional collaboration. It provides a wonderful opportunity to create a communication network that generates faculty excitement about new and emerging fields in higher education.

Societal Benefits
Combining the most up-to-date technologies with faculty creativity across institutions bridges the gap between higher education and population segments that earlier lacked access to the benefits of higher education.

Remaining on the Cutting Edge
A constantly evolving culture and economy places a corresponding demand on the evolution of higher education institutions. To find a balance between the growing demands on education and a tight fiscal environment, it is imperative that institutions take on the mantle of an entrepreneur.

Financial Stability
In times of financial uncertainty, institutional resources are certainly not expanding. Faculty and
administrators are struggling to acquire the resources to respond to emerging needs. Consequently,
academic deans and administrators are forced to choose between “the bottom line” and the integrity of
their institution and programs. As a result, inter-institutional collaborations offer a solution to this

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